Buttplate Winchester crescent metal style with screws non blued

This is the crescent metal buttplate Winchester 1890 pump .22, model 1904, 1892, 1894, 1895, and late 1886 RIFLES. The Winchester 1873 RIFLE used this buttplate after serial number 550,000. The model 1886 started using this style buttplate at around 60,000 and at 95,000 this style was used exclusively. (This is considered the short tang buttplate in regards to the 1873 and n1886). It comes with the 2 screws and is raw- not blued. The chunk of metal that most other companies leave on has been taken off and the surface has been sanded, The countersunk holes are also in place and you will NOT have to drill them. You will have to do the final fine sand to blue it. It is an exact replica of the original.


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