Firing pin Winchester 1894, model 64 and model 55


This is the firing pin for Winchester 1894 lever action rifle also for model 64 and model 55. It fits all calibers. Note: Winchester made 2 types of firing pins model 94. To circa serial number 15,000 1894 calibers 32-40 and 38-55 used the type 1. The difference between the two types was the Forearm of type 1 was not beveled. It was a strait cylinder. Winchester received complaints because the non-beveled Forearm can cause the locking bolt to jam when it catches on the bottom of the firing pin when the muzzle is elevated and gravity causes the pin to slide to the rear against the firing pin stop pin. You will still find that a lot of the old 94s still have the type 1 firing pin. The best thing is to replace it with a type 2. If not you need to have the muzzle lower than the stock before using the lever and inserting a new cartridge. This allows the firing pin to slide forward so it does not jam.

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