Read what some of our clients say about Homestead Parts!

People ask me why there are not a lot of negative comments on here... The answer is because I always take care of any problems! All you have to do is contact me :-) My goal is to always give the best customer service possible, as well as stock high quality parts for your firearm repair.

2/7/18 Jax Thank you for the above part which I received in today’s post.  (new and improved .357 ejector for Post 64 Winchester model 94 part number C196)
Having had to replace several of the old cheap cast-metal Winchester ejectors I’m quite quick at fitting them now! I thought you’d like to know that the new and improved part supplied by Homestead dropped straight in with no difficulty. Having cycled the action several times with dummy rounds, the feeding and ejection is once again spot-on. Many thanks for helping me to restore this rifle to a fully functioning state.

Kind regards Bob H.
Thanks so much for your quick service. I will receive the parts today. If
I had gone to *********, I would still be waiting.

N M Shop
((4/ 13/16 Dang I have been busy! I need a secratry to keep this updated!!))
Hi , I just received my gun parts, and I wanted to thank you for the excellent
fast and friendly service. You guys and gals are great!  I hope you have a great holidays.
thanks for everything ! Gary
ear Jacqueline,
I received the parts ordered today, and completed the rebuild of a very worn 1894 rifle. Your new carrier, spring, and screw restored proper function to the gun, they fit perfectly with zero adjustment or fitting. Thanks very much for great quality parts and fast shipping.
                                                                                                      Sincerely, Michael T Fredericksburg, TX
Thanks for the parts for my gun now l can use it again . Very quick delivery, great service thanks again. Regards mike Donovan.
I put the new recoil and plunger springs on my dad’s old Winchester Model 63 and it works great. Thanks for helping me rescue an old gun.

Receivedc my Marbles tang sight today and mounted the unit to my 1873 Miroku Winchester - it is perfect! Thanks again for the great service and price. Steve S
Received my ladder sight today in the mail. Thank-you for such prompt service. It's a real pleasure to do business with you and I will so again if the need arises. Again, thanks for the great service and a good product. wayne M.
Hello, this is just a brief email thanking you for mailing the 1892 rifle screws to me in Australia so promptly.

Your service is highly recommended by me, also in marking the contents as (m.s.) to avoid getting held up and possibly misplaced in our customs.

Once again, Thankyou.

Alex L. (AU)
THANK’S FOR YOUR INFORMATION (stock oil instructions).
 BEST REGARDS PETE (Winchester restorations stock oil)
im very happy with the parts ive purchased from you so far.makes my restoration much easier getting replacement parts that fit John F.
Just wanted to let you know that I received both stocks and they are things of beauty!Bill 

Just got my order for front sight yesterday, for my Winchester 94AE
Fitted it today looks good but haven't had chance to check zero.

Very pleased with item thanks for excellent service.
Rob B.
Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your prompt, courteous service. I
received my parts order yesterday, and the quality of the reproduction
buttplate was excellent. After a brief warm-up in boiling water the plate
relaxed to the original curve perfectly, with just enough excess matieral
around the edges to allow a perfect, sanded-flush fit. You have the fastest
turnaround of any business I deal with, I like the ability to track the
order, and the parts quality has been excellent. You are the first source on
my favorites list I check for needed parts. Thanks again and keep up the
good work!
Sincerely, Michael T. Fredericksburg, TX
Congrats on the new daughter!

Parts are in my hand. Thanks for the prompt and efficient service. It's nice to not have to worry about things happening when I make an order...it just gets done. You guys are super.

From Paul's iPad...
I received my order in fine form. I wanted to comment that there are many sites from which Winchester 1890 parts can be purchasedbut absolutely none of them surpass the extraordinary level of customer service, knowledge, and professionalism  of Homestead Firearms Parts. Thanks for being there,Garry A.3/2/15
Hi Jacqueline. Received my magazine tubes & forearm handle in record quick time!

Massive thanks for the truly awesome customer service. Simple easy to understand website. Super quick posting immediately after ordering & at last a American supplier that doesn't charge the earth to post a few small parts to Australia! I am sure I speak for everybody down under who has ordered from you, its just fantastic to find someone who says YES we can ship to Australia rather than "we don't/cant ship outside the usa"!

Without doubt you set the standard all others should be trying to reach! I will do my best to mention your website & superb service to my fellow shooters.
Happy Scotsman now living in Melbourne, Australia with a fully functioning Winchester model 1890 22wrf

Regards Andy P.

Good afternoon. Very prompt delivery of my new 1873 Winchester 24 3/8 inch octagon barrel. The quality and craftsmanship is excellent. Absolutely beautiful. The barrel maker does exceptional work.  The barrel fit perfectly into the frame. I am very happy with my purchase, well worth the price. I would definitely recommend your product.  Mike E.
Bonjour Madame Jacqueline van Riper, C'est OK, j'ai reçu le colis ce matin et je suis super content ! Homestead parts : I love you !!!   Et la meilleure publicité c'est le client satisfait !Je vous remercie beaucoup et parlerai de vous Ã  mes amis collectionneur. Je vous souhaite une bonne journée.  Frédéric D.2/9/14
Sight slid right in, a little tapping and it was done. Good product, thanks.

When I need something else, I know where to look.

Hans S.
Just wanted to let you know that I rebarreled my old 1873 Winchester with one of your nice octagon barrels in 38WCF. The barrel is beautifully crafted and had just enough extra metal to allow precision fitting to my receiver. Shot it this afternoon with black powder loads and it is VERY accurate. I look forward to hunting with it this next season! Thanks for an excellent product! 
M. E. B.
Order received. 1895 back in action. Perfect fit part. Mine was manufactured in 1903. Robert S.
Greetings from Townsville, North Queensland. The part has finally arrived! It looks great! Thanks for all your assistance in this purchase. It took only 14 days to get from yourself to Australia but 21 days to get through our Customs and finally to me.
I received my order today and it arrived sooner than expected. I installed part on my 1956 model 94 and it fit perfectly. Thanks for the great support for the older fire arms. Your site is saved on my favorites and will gladly do business in the future. Chris G.
Hi there, I just wanted to send you an email thanking you for your service. I ordered your upgraded carrier for a post 64 Win 94, (30-30) after finding that my customers’ original part was not functional and too soft to be fit properly. I’m impressed with the quality of the new part, it fit perfectly and functioned perfectly. Also, the shipping was super quick, I had it in just a couple days.
Thanks again,
Nathan R.
Bay Area Gunsmithing
Thanks again for everything. Gun works great. Happy, happy, happy. Will be a repeat customer. See you down the trail. David M. (jimenez parts)
just got the parts for my 380 Jimenez auto /// great service and works like new now.. thanks I will keep this page and all my friends will know.. wayne
Thanks Jacqueline for your attention to my order (ladder sight). It has been a pleasure working with a professional that is willing to do what they can to help a customer. I received the order on Monday, Nov. 17. Again thanks, Robert S., U.S. Capitol Police, Retired
Homestead Firearms,A few weeks ago I became a proud owner of our family heirloom, an old Winchester Model 94 that has been in my family since it was born in the early 20's.  Problem was that it looked like it hadn't been disassembled and cleaned since then too!  Not having a clue about how... I turned to the internet.  U-TB vids were not cutting it so a quick Google search brought me to Homestead Firearms.  Purchased the 1894 Winchester Disassembly and  Gunsmithing Manual and a few day's later received the hard-copy in the mail.  What a gem!  In my opinion, a must have for all "94" owners, especially new ones like me!.  Followed the step by step process (7 steps in all) and disassembly was complete.  Reassembly was the reverse order.A few hint's to pass along:  1. DO NOT GET IN A HURRY!  My first disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly took me almost 4 hours.  Now that I know how to do it (I think!), I could probably cut that time in half but you get the point...have nothing else on your schedule for the rest of the afternoon!  2. Before you begin, read all 7 disassembly steps.  Gives you an idea of "the big picture".  3. When you start on step one, read the entire step process from start to finish.  Do this for each of the 7 steps.  Gives you a good idea on what you're trying to accomplish. 4. Before reassembly, read all the reassembly hints in the back of the manual.  Wish I would have done this!  Would have done away with a few choice #@%$* (uh, frustrating times!).
A Great Manual.  Glad to have in in my library.  When the time comes, it will be handed down to my son along with our Winchester Model 1894 Saddle Ring Carbine.
Thanks for the excellent product!
Eric S.
Black Diamond, WA

I received the ladder sight today. Thank you for the super-fast shipping.
The sight is absolutely perfect. It looks GREAT on my 1957 30-30 Model 94
WIN. Really compliments the overall look of the rifle as well as being 100%
functional. Kudos to you and your company. You have been and will continue
to be my first source for WIN parts, thanks again-

Hello to all, I wish to congratulate your company for its outstanding customer service, attention to detail and prompt dispatch. Good old fashioned service in other words!
On several occasions in recent months I have ordered parts for a circa 1919 model 1906. On both occasions it was simple matter and my parts arrived in a surprisingly short time ( post to Australia ).
I was recently gifted with this nearly 100 year old piece in the hope I could obtain the missing items and return it to some sort of working order.
Well thanks to your company I now know more about its origin, history and more importantly, it is used regularly by the whole family.
Please congratulate all your staff on my behalf  
Regards Jeff H
Thanks Jacqueline I received the lifter (45 LC carrier post 64) today, looks stronger than the original, I just had to file a few millimetres off the upright part that cocks the bolt and stone smooth, works a treat, big thanks this gun had been a single shot for so long and now I can use it as designed again.
Hi Jacqueline,

Just wanted to let you know that I was able to get the front sight blade thinned down so that it worked with my carbine.
I test fired the rifle and the blade height is correct for my gun.

Thanks for the excellent service,

Mike W.
Hi I have received the sight and I am  very pleased with it. I would just like to comment on your web site how clear it is and everything is laid out well. The shipping is explained really clear and worked perfectly. What a good way to sent things to the UK.
Many thanks and best wishes for the UK to the USA
Have ordered parts before and was very satisfied with the quality and timeliness of your service and also that of the parts I ordered; world class customer service. I have 2 other Winchester lever rifles and am definitely going to be ordering parts for the older '92 Take Down. Thanks for what you do for us older Winchester shooters.
Semper Fi,
Luther R.
Thanks for carrying these parts, My grampa would be proud to know I was fixin up his old gun.
hi jacqueline  received items i ordered  . as always its great to do business with you. great service great products thank you peter
Hello Jacqueline,I have received my most recent order and am “so pleased” with the rifle barrel you have supplied. I look forward to further orders.Many Thanks:Neil H.Goondiwindi QLD.AUSTRALIA.9/3/14
I just wanted to thank you for an excellent shopping experience.  I needed a tang sight for a Winchester Model 62A rifle.  When I contacted you, I was advised that they were out of stock, but that I would be informed when they were available.  Within two weeks I was told that I could place my order.  The price of the sight was very reasonable, and I always appreciate the convenience of using PayPal.  The shipping time was very quick, and most importantly I found the quality of the sight to be outstanding.
Thank you again, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.  Frank8/21/14
Dear JVR,    You may certainly post my letter on your testimonials page for satisfied customers.  I am pretty new to collecting classic Winchester rifles, I like the 1873, 1892 and 1894's the best.  If it were not for your great parts selection, I would not have been able to restore the rifles as I wanted to.  I am very pleased with the correct thread sizes of the replacement parts, the look and fit of the original.  Thank you also, for the fast shipping and excellent internet site for easy ordering and check out.  Another very pleased customer.  I will be back for more items soon.
I know that you have a great selection of parts, of which I have bought many over time. Just ordered some parts recently and was very impresed with the quality.
You doing a great job providing this service.
All the best
I received the screws and can now, among other things, adjust the rear sight's elevation. It was my father's rifle and I suspect the screw's been missing since he was a kid... just like the other screw, from the forearm. And I feel comfortable working on the gun, now that I have the book. By the way, they arrived on Saturday, just two days after you shipped it.
I plan to get to the range tomorrow morning and sight it in. I just recently fired it for the first time in about 45 years.

 Again, thanks.
Lee J.
Good Morning Homestead, 
I purchased the e-manual for my Winchester 94 on Sunday. I received the manual, looked up what I was doing wrong, corrected my mistakes and put the weapon back together.  Dan H.8/2/14
Hello Jacqueline,              I do hope you had an enjoyable week end. I did, my parts arrived Friday and lots got done.I want to thank you for putting in the extra effort to see that my parts arrived as quickly as they did, very much appreciated.Be Well,Mike Cin BC Canada7/31/14
It works ! (PRE 64 1894 CARRIER)
at first i thought  it would be wrong because the point where the spring pivots is a bit different but it all feels good now :) this part is really the heart of the whole rifle …thanks a lot, and being able to get parts  gives me the confidence to try another old lever projectandrew7/30/14
Given that my order was placed just as the weekend started, it got here very fast. The repro. Winchester butt plate and fresh screws look great and there was no fitting needed...pretty amazing for a 100 year old stock. The slide handle retaining spring needed a tiny amount of work with 400A sandpaper...I guess it needed 100 years of aging around the edges...but once it had been tweaked it worked just fine. In the process of fitting it, I discovered how the original had been broken and fixed that too. Amazing what the removal of 100 year accumulation of dirt can do.

I'm very happy with the parts, the communication, the speedy shipping and everything. I've already recommended Homestead to six other friends that work on old guns. It's wonderful doing business with people that care.
 Paul S
> Santa Fe, NM
It just would not be right to not email you and tell you thank you for assisting me in getting the cleaning rods for my 1873 Winchester rifle. After you emailed me and said you had them, I ordered the rods on Saturday and they were in my mailbox today (Monday). Amazing! You have my business from here on out. You said that you would find me the rods and you did. I’m a customer for life.
Thanks, Mike C. from Charleston, SC7/18
Super, bien reçu; merci beaucoup.
Good Afternoon Jacqueline , I just wanted to Thank You  for the Excellent Services . I have received My Repair Parts Yesterday and the E-Book Manaul with in Minutes of placing the Order . â€‹Many Thanks. ​Best Regards , Mike M. 7/7/14

I received my package and installed the new firing pin (1892). Thank you for a great product. There was no need for any fitting of the firing pin.

Karl L. M.

Hi Jacqueline,  I received the rest of the parts yesterday. Got the rifle (1873) together and working perfectly. Thanks to you all the parts were correct ,delivery fast and the quality was great. You were a pleasure to deal with and I definitely would do business and recommend your company again. Looking forward to the next project! RegardsTom F. 6/21/14
Thank you.  The dust cover for my 1873 Winchester just arrived!  Talk about fast service!!!! Two days and I have it.  Incredible!  Thanks, again. Rest assured that I will continue to do business with you and will most assuredly recommend you to all my gun collecting friends. Best regards, Brent  G, LTC (Ret) 
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you. My stepson inherited this gun from his father. The last time this gun worked was when he was 5 years old and he was with his dad when he was shooting the weapon. The takedown button snapped and they lost the firing pin and spring in the woods. I was able to order the other parts but this part took me 6 months to locate. The look on my stepsons face (who is now 25) when I took the gun out this weekend so he could fire it was unforgettable. Thank you. D.W.
Hi Jacqueline, Thank you for the prompt service. The inner and outer magazine for my Winchester 1890 arrived yesterday, less than 2 days after ordering! The parts are indeed of high quality and fit like a glove. The Winchester now works perfectly. Very happy with your service and products. Jon P.
Hi Jacqueline
Thank you! I received my first order yesterday and have now completed my 92 Winchester in 32-20,I'm very impressed with your prompt service and the quality of parts, it makes rebuilding these old rifles so easy.I look forward to my next order arriving so I can complete my 38-40 Winchester.Thanks again Greg.5/29/14
Just recieved my parts! Thank u very much! U guys are great to deal with and I will be doing more business with u folks!
HelloI just placed my 4th order of parts from your store. I have two vintage 1890 Winchesters. I have just finished the first repairs, and now amstarted on the 2nd. Ordered one of your new barrels for 22WRF.  One of my rifles had had a barel swapped during the 1940's. Now I can put the original model of barrel back on the gun. Looking forwad to dealing with your company again.John Bell---------Many thanks Jacqueline, the parts have arrived.

I'm gobsmacked as they arrived at 10.30am (our time) this morning. 8
business days in transit.

When I purchase parts from other US gun stores they generally take up to a
month to arrive.

And that is even with paying USPS Priority postage.

Great service.

hello ma'am.I have received the dust cover .conforms to what I expected..thank you very much and good day..Dominique (France)
Hi Jacqueline

I just wanted to give you some feed back on the last order I placed with you.

It took 13 days to arrive in New Zealand.
I have been very pleased with all the orders I placed, but mostly I'm very pleased with the service and care you providing.
as well as the parts offered. Which make it possible for me to restore and repair otherwise unusable items.
So thanks a lot for doing what you doing.
Thank you,!! For all the good parts, and super fast service, I will be back, Willard
Thank you for your courtesy, kindness and professionalism. I received the rear barrel band today and got the rifle completed, and ready to send to my son. From time of ordering it until it hit my mail box was a total of 3 days. That’s unheard of in this day and time. I’ve been a customer, in the past and will continue to be in the future. Again, Thank you...You are a true American. Joe Bob S.
Good Morning,

I recently purchased a Winchester 1873 and a Winchester 1892. I was in need of some replacement parts for the 1873 and found your website. I just wanted to write and let you know how well pleased I was with your fast service of getting the parts to me. Also, the parts are exact duplicates of the originals and fit without any modifications. Over the years, the parts, especially the springs, tend to weaken and wear from use. Your parts were perfect!

After, receiving the 1873 parts, I made an order for some replacement springs and screws for the 1892 on a Sunday afternoon and they shipped the next day!

THANK YOU for the great service and I will be coming back to you again very soon for more parts. When I was working on the 1873, I found several other parts that I want to replace and will be ordering them from you very soon.

Best Regards,
Marvin C.
Dear Jacqueline,

the parts arrived to Germany, everything fits perfect.
This was the first order, to see how it works to Germany and its great.
You will get the next purchase order soon.
I am very happy and I wish you a nice weekend.

best regards
Frank R.
Jacqueline, Thank you so much for all your parts assistance, question answering, and follow up. You have an excellent rapport with your customers and I truly appreciate your fast service! Look forward to doing business with you in the future.
--Hi and thanks so much. I received my order today with no complications what
so ever. The packaging was well done and easy to distinguish each part for
me. I am about to place another order and would appreciate you sending it
the same as listed on the first package "Machine Parts" as we had no
complications at this end in recieving your package. I look forward to doing
more business with you in the furture and we hope to drop in and see you
when we visit Arizona in November.
Kind regards Nigel S. Australia
I received everything early last week. It was here is less than two weeks.

Thanks for the great service,
Jim M. (canada)

Your parts list catalog really sucks William M.
(my reply) I invite constructive criticism.. However that was not constructive.. tell me how it "sucks" and what you would do to change it???
Part fit great. Arrived quickly and was really appreciated by the rifle owner.
Thanks, Paul L.
3/10/14Dear Ms. Van Riper,
I received my order today. Thank you for your prompt, courteous service. The screws worked perfectly and now my Grandfather's Winchester is 100% whole and functioning properly. It's the little things that mean a lot. Thank you again!!!
Steve F.
Thank you for your prompt and professional service! The part works as good as new. Definitely will recommend your company!
Tyler A.
Received my order...thank you for the super parts!!!...my 2 Winchesters are "back in the saddle".

I know where to come for my future needs...


Thanks! The screws fitted perfect.

Joe M
Hi Jacqueline,
This is your friend from Knoxville, Tn. Just received the side Tang screw in the mail. That mustard really does the trick , followed your instructions exactly and it seems like the original part . Can't tell you how the old screw bothered me over the years. Sometimes I think I could have a problem but I don't think so. Thanks so much for all your help. I have your e-mail address in my records so I will probable be getting back with you again. Thanks again. Willard Knoxville, Tennessee 
My order for a set of external screws for my Winchester M1892 carbine just arrived. Thank you very much for such quick and efficient international service. It is good to know that You are there to provide parts virtually unobtainable in Europe.
I look forwards to receiving the ejector and ejector spring, ordered later, with the same speed and efficiency.
Thanks and regards,
Jon H.
Dear Sir/ Madame
Just a short note to thank you for your efficient service, I have received
my order and cant say how happy i was to receive it in such a short time.
Will do my utmost to promote your site and service to my fellow gun

Thank you
Greetings from cold and snowy Ohio. The package came today and the screw fit perfectly. Thanks so much for the fast service. I have you folks book marked and will spread the word to my friends that you are great to work with! Take care. Greetings from cold and snowy Ohio. The package came today and the screw fit perfectly. Thanks so much for the fast service. I have you folks book marked and will spread the word to my friends that you are great to work with! Take care.
Hi Jacqueline,
a final mail in this story. I received the medallion today. It fits as it should.  Not the original but much better than an empty hole.
Once Again I wish to thank You for your help. I did not expect that kind of helpfullness to a complete stranger in a country half way around the World. But it underlines the friendly attitudes we experienced last summer on our vacation in the US.
best regards P.
Dear Customer Service: Exceptional service!  It’s a pleasure doing business with you.   I’ll tell all my friends about you. Thanks for everything. Carl B. G.San Diego, CA 1/24/14
I received the win 73 items today. I would like to thank you the parts are better than you described it's a pleasure doing business with someone like you.
Again thanks,
Thank you. You have the BEST customer service I have ever encountered. Far and away the best. Peter C.1/10/14
Ms. van Riper, Attached are photos of the 1873 Winchester that I recently finished for a customer. The rifle came into the shop in good shape.  The firing pin was severely peened, and too short to be reshaped.  I don't weld up firing pins.  It was missing the dust cover, and had a few screws that needed to be replaced.  The magazine tube was badly pitted and was also replaced. All of the parts you sent fit perfectly.  The only part I needed to fit was the dust cover stop.  Minor fitting required to match it to the dovetail on the dust cover. I did not reblue the rifle.  All of the removed parts will be returned to the customer so that the rifle can be restored to its original condition. I appreciate the quality parts that you produce, and particularly the excellent service. You'll be first on my list of suppliers in the future. Thank you! -- buddysgunworks.com1/7/14
Thank you for the prompt service. The part fixed my father in-law's 1890 and your suggestion on what caused the problem was spot on. Thanks again. Mike S
I received the ladder sight for my 1892 today,the rifle had buckhorn sights on it when I got it and were almost useless for a 44 cal....being that they have a trajectory of a brick at long ranges.
delighted at the quality...
thanks again
Rick S.
Thank you I enjoy working on and shooting these old rifles. I cast the bullets and reload with Swiss BP it is amazing how accurate they are. I shoot Winchesters 73's,92's,94's and a Savage Mod 99f 30-30 cal take down made in 1929. With a Marbles's tang sight it will shoot a ragged hole at 50 yd's with a 120grgc bullet and 14 grs of 2400. The speed at the muzzle is1600. I have repaired several old 94's because of your part's department. Thanks for helping me to bring these fine old guns back to life.
sorry i did not get back to you sooner  went on vacation sight st44 is excellent and so is your service   thankyou peter No questions, only praise for your very quick service and  quality product.  Will be using your service again and will recommend you  to all I can. Thanks again Ken S.11/22
Dear Jacqueline van Riper,
Thank you so much for the prompt dispatch of the above part, and your
customs note. Seven days from order to receipt. Brilliant! You have helped
 to cement Anglo-American relations. The sight is on the rifle and will be in use at the
I shall be using Homestead again.
Kind regards,
Mike O. United kingdom
package turned up in the mail today. Wooohhhhoooo! Thank you so very much. Firing pin poped straight in, sights are now fitted up.
Cannot wait for the weekend to shoot the 'OL' girl again. Woooohhhoooo!
Thanks heaps for your international service. Hope to get some more bits in the future and with your brilliant parts list bring this old gun back to it's former glory.
Thanks, one happy happy customer here.

With your great service and very rapid order I was able to repair my fathers Winchester 1890 back to working order in little time. Thanks again I will definite use your company again for future parts. Thanks Tim S
I just wanted to say thank you. I have been looking all over trying to find parts for my Jennings 380 and I found you guys. I found the parts I needed at a good price and were shipped fast. When I received them they were packaged great and the product was exactly what I ordered. I give you guys ***** 5 stars for your business I will be referring you guys to others. Once again thank you.

I received my Winchester 1890 parts and wanted to thank you for such a quick
follow up and delivery of the items.

I was glad to find you are offering these aftermarket parts for such a rare
and out of production gun. You were quite easy to find on Google. I just did
a search for 'Winchester 1890 parts" and you were the FIRST!

My hope is that you will always stay in business so I can reach out for
parts throughout the years. This 1890 is not staying in the safe thanks to
you. It's out on the range giving me and my friends hours of fun.

Best Regards,
I did not have to track because I received my parts today. Most all are installed already. This is impressive service for hard to find quality parts. We'll be contacting you again soon.
Best Regards,
Dick S. Grand Rapids, MI
Dear Homestead firearms
        Just got back home today, found that my parts had arrived 6 days after making the order absolute top service as I live in the UK couldn't have asked for better service. I will definitely be using you in the future if I need any more parts. Thank you        Col M. Hi Jacqueline, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with my Winchester .22 Pump!! My father gave me that gun years ago and he would be thrilled to know its back up and firing. My grandson will have a nice vintage rifle now!! Thank You!!   Ray W.9/4/13
I purchased a post 64 winchester 94 carrier from  you last week, I want to say that it fit perfect and was so well machined I  don't know if winchester could have made it better. Whoever your machinist is  you had better keep him, he's the best. Thank You        Richard  L.8/26/13
The buttplate that didn't fit and a template are on the way.Thank you very much. It's uncommon to run across someone will to help.Eric S8/22/13 (this is very touching and means a lot to me , This is my goal :-)
Dear Jacqueline, There are few people or places left in this world that still operate on a handshake.
You and your Company are one of the few left standing. A true tribute to the way we used to be
 beyond the sidewalk. 
Until Next Time, Many Thanks, and All the Best,
David G.
8/2/13 Dear Jacqueline,
I just got my order for the firing pin and the firing pin spring for my winchester model 63. Everithing was in excelent condition. very fast shiping. Thank you very much. Best Regards! Hugo T. Argentina8/2/13
This is just a brief note to thank you for a superb service; the item took less than 6 days to travel from the USA to the UK, many thanks and best regards from Dave G.
Hi JacquelineI got my order on 7/12/2013 Thanks for the great service and great follow upon your part.                                                              Thanks again     Robert (missing order) 7/9/13
Got the parts today,everything fit well. Haven't had achance to test fire yet but feeds and cycled great.I will definately get more parts service was great thanks!
dennis (bryco 58/59 firing pin)
We've been away for a couple of weeks and arrived back to find the parts had been delivered. I'm very grateful for your help and service. It's difficult to get such parts now in the UK and it's a pleasure to deal with you. Straightforward and no fuss.
 Clive T.-- United Kingdom
 Hi, I just got my order for a rear sight for my '92 carbine. I want you to know that I am delighted with the quality of the parts you sent me and also for your swift delivery.
Thank you very much.  Best regardsRoberto S.Argentina 
6/7 Just a short note to let you know that the order has arrived today
I would like to thank you for the smooth and friendly transaction , if I
need anything else in the near future , I will contact you again.

Warmest regards ,

H.J.P The Netherlandsneeds!
I received my order today and was very pleased with both the quality of the screw set and the rapid shipment.  I also appreciated the nice Schematic of the Winchester 1894.  The screws fit perfect.  Thanks.
Jim D.5/8/13
Very happy to tell you parcel arrived today. Much appriciate plain packaging, excellent service and good mailing costs.No doubt i will be ordering some more parts in the future and I will recommend you to others happily. Regards Luke S. New Zealand 
5/6/13 just a quick note to let you know i receved my parts today tks very good very fast very
happy trevor b ontario canada
Great parts and excellent service my 1906 works as good as new with the new carrier spring
Thanks from Vincent ( Oakville,Canada) 
Received the parts today - everything slipped back together just fine.
Thanks much for the great service and fast shipping
I received the parts I ordered from you today.  They are installed and working perfectly. I am compelled to write about my great experience with your company. I couldn’t find the part I needed for my Winchester from any of the major (big) parts suppliers, when listed they were quite pricey but unavailable. I stumbled upon your company doing an internet search. You not only had the part I was looking for but it was at an extremely reasonable price. I called about ordering it, being shipped to Maine where I am staying with my father but my billing address being in Utah where my primary residence is. I got to speak with a wonderful female human being (don’t want to be sexist, just accurate) who was the most kind, pleasant, and personable customer service person I had ever spoken with. In less than 3 days from ordering the parts I have them installed, having paid a standard shipping charge. Bottom line, ordering, processing, packing, and shipping (at a great price) from Arizona to Maine in less than 70 hours!!! This is my first stop in shopping for parts from now on! Thank you Homestead Parts!!!Scott G. 
3/28 Received magazine tube the other day. Fit my Remington model 12 perfectly. Thank you for a very high quality product.

Sincerely, David M.

*************************** 28 February 2013dear Charles.My order arrived tonite (28 Feb @6;30 pm EST)
Thank you very much: Your company has been a life saver.  I an still in need of a (Safety pin and the 2 small retainment accessorys that hold the pin into the gun)...any ideas or help would be appreciated.  Again thank you very much.              Dick M. in MI***************************  27 February 2012 Hi I just placed a order with you for some parts for my CARBINE, I SEE YOU ARE OUT OF STOCK FOR THE FORARM. I NEED ONE FOR MY 32-20 CARBINE ROUND BARREL. WILL YOU BE GETTING ANY IN SOON? THANK YOU AND I REALLY LIKE YOUR SITE. FIRST ONE IVE FOUND TO GET THE PARTS I NEED. Jim M. in OR 
JVR, Thank you so much for finding the part for my win 73 and contacting me. The part arrived todayand is perfect. Thanks again, Ken Backman1/15/12 Just wanted you to know...I received the blade and pin yesterday. Had to engage in a bit of minor smithing...bit of minor grinding and polising...however, the blade sight is installed and looks great on my 1931 Winchester 94 lever action 30WSE. Great item. Thanks.
I just wanted to say Thank You for getting me the firing pin I ordered here so quick. Ordered on Monday and received it on Thursday, GREAT job, I do appreciate the fine service that will have me back out in the woods in the morning. :-) jwc 11/14/12
Thank you. It was a pleasure dealing with you and my rifle working like new. Paul
Just received the Model 12 Dissembly Manual. It was just what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!
Thanks for the great service! I appreciate the E-book as I have a 1892 Winchester disassembledfor cleaning etc. You have the only detailed instructions for this piece that I could find on line. The only area that is unclear to me is the position of the spring under the left side cartridge guide. I have 2 new springs coming w/ the order I placed last night but as the original spring came out in pieces I am not 100% sure about installing the new one. The exploded drawings that I have seen show a relative position and I am assuming that the square end of the spring rests under the articulated cartridge hand. ??? Looking forward to your opinion and thanks for a great new resource for my shop.
Regards, Carter
Just got home to find my parts in the mailbox. I would never have believed they would have been here that quick if someone had told me. I will sure keep you in mind next time I need parts. I thought some on the testimonies might have been cherry picked but I don’t think that anymore. THANKS for the fast service. I will spread the word about your site. Really impressed. RD
I would like to thank you very much for your SERVICE and for the time from ordering to delivery.

My first order arrived after 9 days and the secound order arrived in 8 days, FANTASTIC.

All the parts are perfect and fit to perfection. Now I have a working 73

Thanking you again,

Joe M.
Part arrived yesterday. I have installed it and it seems to be the cure for my double feeding problem. I've run about a 100 dummies including .38 Special without a hitch.
 Thanks, Gerry
Packet arrived safe and sound – and as an added bonus, no Customs fee requested!
 Many thanks for all your efforts. Really very much appreciated – will be great to get those Winchesters working again.
 Kind regards Pete R
Thanks Homestead Firearms Parts,
I have purchased for the second time off you guys and all items have been exactly what I wanted. I got my items I order today & I wanted to let you know - You have good prices, good service and good delivery time from US to Australia.
Many thanks Happy customer
Thank you very much. My part arrived and is now installed in my 1894
(38-55) which was made in 1895! We hope to get 117 years out of this
I sure wish I'd ordered the takedown manual in the very beginning. It would have saved me more than its cost in shipping costs. This time it is $5.50 for a $5.25 spring.á
You can use my quote on your web site if you wish.áRoland T.8/21
Parts made it here today, Wow that was fast! Thanks, everything is great, very much appreciated!

Best regards,
The elevator slide arrived safely this morning and "fits a treat" on my Winchester '94 AE.

Thank you for the excellent service in shipping the part to me here in the
UK. I will pass on the Homestead web-site to all my shooting buddies at the
Severnside rifle range here in South Wales.


Thanks a million - Tim. 
Thank you for your promt order processing. Everything I ordered came quick and in excellent condition. I will gladly use Homestead Firearms Parts again in the future. Thanks so much once again. Sincerley Johnny
thanksI have owned this rifle for 62 years. I didn't know if I could find the missing parts. A friend mine told meabout your Web site. The parts were just what I needed to restore my Winchester 1890. I purchased the riflefrom a shooting gallery at Chippewa Lake Park in 1950 from the man owned the Shooting Gallery $20.00.This was a lot of money back in the day.2/6/12 Thank you so much! Your customer service is top shelf..especially since I ordered the wrong part. Again...THANK YOU!
I received your a parcel this day. one thousand time thank you every thing is perfect for completed my rifle on 1873 44/40 N° 36096 of 1879 and my carbine 44/40 of 1906.I sends to you another order complement.There i often look at your shop too see if parts out of stock returned available. exemple: side plate screw for my rifle 2°model on 1879to.side plate left and right very out. fingerlever spring , carrier lever spring, finger lever screw ,carrier block on my carbine 1906 very use. in spite of my 69 years i am rest fascinate of the american west and of this history since my childhood.the winchester 1873 is unforgettable. still thank you. FRANCE.10/8/11 Got the parts and they work great thanks for the excellent service. John C.
6/20/11 My parts arrived this morning,brilliant service,have recommended you to all my winchester owning friends,i have found a place where i can get parts for my much loved old 1890 and not get ripped off on prices many many thanks adrian (united kingdom)
5/18/11 Miss Jacqueline, I want to thank you for being so fast with my order. I got it today and everything was perfect. Once again I would like to say how knowledgeable you are of the guns and parts. I will definitely recommend your site to others.
Thank you very much,
Bennie M.
4/7/2011 Jacqueline: I think you ... are the greatest! I'm also going to stop using gunpartscorp for anything Winchester that you carry.You've been spot on every time, and once a week, I'm always mailing back to them the wrong thing they sent. This was my third of many orders to come.
3/12 Today is Saturday and I received the parts I ordered from you. Thank you very much for such terrific order and delivery service that you performed. It was indeed a pleasure doing business with you and your company. THANKS again if I ever need any thing I will surely thing about your company and the pleasant attention you have given to me .
SincerelyHenry V.3/9/11   Thanks ,Jacqueline you are a very professional person The kind I like to do business with Thanks again Henery V.
3/5/11    I just wanted to thank you for your prompt, and fast shiping of parts        thanks  don3/3/11
Hi Jacqueline. Wow....what service, only ordered parts last night! Parts ordered last month arrived Friday , many thanks....grandson's rifle looks really great ...finished now ( your parts just really finished it) and can't wait to give it to him  next weekend. After all the hassle of his rifle I'm now so enthused I'm starting to do up another of my old girls.....1908  32.20WCF carbine....a real old favorite...accounted for a lot of game over the years I've had it....if only it could talk....was originally a farm gun off a selectors settlement in far western NSW.  I would suspect a heap of Kangaroos, Pigs and Wallabys have fallen to it over the years....pretty good tucker too..Anyway...again,many thanks for great service ...look forward to more orders. Very best regardsIan Smith3/2/11
Hallo Jacqueline,
ich freu mich sehr einen Anbieter gefunden zu haben, der nach Deutschland schnell und guenstig liefert.
Alles Gute!
I wanted to take a few minutes and thank you again for your efforts regarding the screw. Seldom does one find a business that gives the personal attention that you did in this transaction. It was most appreciated.
That screw has been missing for over 40 years! I had attempted to obtain a screw way back then but was unsuccessful and had given up on finding one long ago. One day I was just surfing around and came across your web site. What a super break!
You might be interest to know that I purchased the rifle used in about 1947 when I was in the 7th or 8th grade. It was like new. I was very proud of my Winchester Model 61! I have had many happy hours hunting and plinking with it. My 4 kids grew up using the rifle and now my grandkids are doing the same. The rifle has served our family well and we look forward to many more years of service from it.
Thank you for making this possible. Chuck
2/7/09 Thank You so much! Love the site! Richard T.
2/2/09 Awesome, you have my business for good Jacqueline. Kevin
2/6/09 hello homestead! ,I am just confirming i received
my stock for my winchester mod 62a and it looks great! thank you for
that ! Alan R.
2/7/09 WoW was that fast!!! Thankx,  Paul
12/09- Thank you so very much! I'm restoring the 06' to give to my grandson and the gun was given to my father from his father, so you can see it's importance to us. Again THANKS for your help, Wish you the Best of New Years. B.B.
10/27 /09
Thanks so much for getting back with me so quickly, I just orderd the parts I need online. I'll definitely order parts from you again in the future.  JTS 12/19/10thank you so much for all your help i received it yesterday. my husband will be so happy. if i purchase anything else in the future i will for sure order from you  again thank you again for everything. C.P.thank you for the fast shippingHave a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!GeorgeI received my parts and am very satisied.. Thanks for the good service, I`ll
tell my friends .. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!Your my hero!! : ) Yes, I shall print off what I can, and look into the forums for those aftermarket items. Thanks again, & Happy Holidays! Robert
1/9/11 Order received, all is ok. Appreciate the prompt service. Thanks Mike

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