.Screw Set ORIGINAL 1873 Winchester Sporting rifle

This is a set of ORIGINAL screws 1873 Sporting rifle. The set includes 2 ForForearm cap screws (wp56); 2 Finger lever spring/ Carrier lever spring screws(wp604); 1 Loading gate (spring cover) screw (wp71f); 1 Magazine plug screw (wp64); 1 Mainspring screw (621A); 1 Mainspring tension Screw (608B); 2 Side tang screws (wp613); 1 lower tang wood Screw (626A);1 tang screw (wp67); 1 Side plate screw(605A);2 upper tang plug screws (wp53) and a Finger Lever screw (wp603A). This set came from a 3rd model rifle, but all also fitting on 1st and 2nd model guns. All of the screws are separately packaged and have labels. The perfect answer to finish off your 1873 restoration project. THESE ARE ORIGINAL SCREWS. The heads of the screws are not perfect but each screw is inspected and acceptable to serve as a replacement screw. A diagram of all 1873 Winchester parts comes with the screw set.


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  • Origin: Winchester Original Part

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