.Screw Set ORIGINAL Winchester 1890 and 1906

person restoring Winchester guns who wants ORIGINAL parts - here is a packet of all original external screws Winchester 1890 and 1906 pump .22 rifle. Many times people use the wrong screw driver to remove screws and the heads get mangled. This set is not like that and will allow you to use original screws from the Winchester factory that have been carefully removed from guns. This set does not include the screws that have the heads on the inside of the receiver, on the carrier or buttplate. Each screw is individually labeled and the set comes with a diagram of where all of the screws are placed in your rifle. The set includes 1 tang screw ; 2 firing pin stop screws ; 2 forearm screws ; 1 upper tang plug screw ; 1 mainspring screw ; 1 mainspring tension screw ; 1 side plate screw.


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