.Screw set Winchester 94 POST 64 CARBINE

This is a discounted external screw set Winchester model 94 POST 64 Top eject Carbine. Your serial number should be from approximately 2,700,000 - 4,580,000) (if you have a forForearm cap that sits on the Forearm of the forearm and does NOT have a band around the forearm, you have a Rifle not a carbine). On many occasions, the incorrect screw driver is used to remove or tighten screws and the heads get mangled. This set will allow you to replace those damaged screws. Each screw is individually labeled and the set comes with a schematic of the gun. The set includes 2 cartridge guide screws (C118); 1 link screw (c163); 1 finger lever pin stop screw (C100A); 1 carrier screw (C102A); 1 hammer screw (C147); 1 Loading gate (spring cover) screw (C104A); 1 tang screw (C130); 1 mainspring screw (C165); 1 front band screw (C103A) and 1 rear band screw (C101A); NOTE: As of now the set does not have the mainspring tension screw.


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