Sight - Front RAMP Marble Arms 29MR with a 3/32 GOLD bead .290 inches high Winchester 1894 pre and post 64 and model 70

This is the 29MR RAMP STYLE front sight. Its width of .340 inches makes it a perfect fit for most ramps that are either soldered or screwed on the Forearm of your barrel. This includes the Winchester 1894 pre and post 64 and model 70. It is .290 inches high (measured from the top of sight to bottom of dovetail) and has a 3/32 inch GOLD bead. With a simple brass or nylon punch, this sight drifts into the 3/8 inch dovetail cut in the sight ramp. Winchesterdage adjustment is performed using the same technique. This Front Sight is manufactured by Marble Arms Co. here in the US. They are the same company that was making Sights for Winchester, Marlin, Savage, Stevens, Remington, Colt, rifles in 1900. It machined from solid steel to exact standards and then blued.


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