Magazine Plug - NO LIP Winchester 1866 1873 1892 1894 - 30/30, .44 and .38 cal EARLY ORIGINAL


This is an ORIGINAL 1894 magazine plug, that is slotted and takes the earlier short magazine plug screw. It has NO LIP and will fit Winchester model 1866 after serial number 155,000; 1873 before serial number 55,000, and very early 1894, 1892 in 30/30, .44 and .38 cal. This plug fits into the muzzle-end of the magazine tube and is held in place by the short magazine plug screw (part wp64-b). If you would like a new plug see part number wp720-b.  Remember when you remove the screw to take the plug out there is a lot of tension on the plug from the magazine spring, and it will shoot out of the tube Forearm. BE SAFE!!

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