A Disassembly Manual for the Winchester 61 pump 22 Rifle

This book consists of complete directions for the disassembly of the Winchester Model 61 pump 22 rifle. The book is illustrated with many photos and very detailed directions about how to disassemble your Winchester 61 rifle. It will first outline the simple set of gunsmith tools that are needed, the diagram and history of Winchester rifles, and then go through the entire dismantling process. Each major section of the gun will be treated as a STEP throughout the process, thus enabling you to move among the takedown instructions for various sections of the gun. For example, if you only need to really look at the bolt, you can proceed directly to STEP 7. Each section of the dismantling process is set up by areas of the gun, and anyone interested in only a portion of the dismantling can skip directly to that step. The 8th step will be some tips on reassembling your Model 61 Winchester. You will find that, by carefully following the instructions of this book, taking apart a 61 Winchester is a fairly easy and straight forward process, especially when compared to other guns. The whole process requires only a minimum of tools, that most people will probably have in their home or shop.

This is a spiral bound manual with many photos of a gun being dismantled and large print for easy reading.

Don't loose value in your firearm by using the incorrect tools or removing parts in the incorrect order.  AND as a bonus, the digital EBook will come to you immediately when you order the spiral bound edition!   

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