How to Order

Easy on-line ordering- - you can use either credit card or check - PayPal, unfortunately, refuses to honor sales of firearm parts. Our web pages and inventory are updated weekly,  I ship parts all over the world and will do my best to get what you need :-)Keep in mind that some parts require fitting. Many of you will be working on 100+-year-old guns, and metal stretches and changes shape.  People changed parts, even back when the firearms were new, so expect some variation in the size of parts.  All of our replacement parts are manufactured to the original firearm specifications. Our new wood products will require some sanding, inletting and finishing. 

 I am currently in the shop 5-6 days a week 10am-6pm AZ time (= Mountain Standard time all year).  If you can not get through during the week, I am probably on the other line.  The shop number does NOT receive texts.  Thank you!

To find a part, use the index to the left of this page and search by Gun Model or Part Type in ALLGUN PARTS or the SEARCH box at the top of the page
Click any item for more information.  All the images enlarge if you click on them. Then click on the Add to Cart button next to the item which you want from any detail page.  This will add the item to your cart. You can continue shopping or checkout.  We encourage you to register when you check out and in the future you will be able to just enter your password and email to expidite the process.  WE DO NOT save and credit card info and never share anything you put on our site.  To check out, select your shipping preference and chose the CREDIT CARD  or  CHECK/MONEY ORDER option. 

We ship out  DAILY durnig the week and orders are processed generally within 2 to 3 days of being placed.  There is NO MINIMUM on Orders.

  We use NOT use Paypal to process our credit cards because of their stance on firearms (and because they took it upon themselves to remove $8000.00 from my account and refuse to tell me why or return it).  We use Authorize Net and their processors are totally secure.  We do not collect your card numbers, so if want to add an item or change your order, we will need to confirm that by phone and get your credit card information again.  If you do not feel comfortable using a credit card on line.... Just choose pay by mail order and then giving us a call, and we can process your credit card over the phone, or you can send a check.

If you would like to send a check or money order please order parts and check out with via MAIL ORDER button and enter your shipping info. That way an invoice is created for you and your parts are taken out of inventory, and I know where to send them when payment arrives.  When done checking out you will receive directions on where to send the check or money order and how to print a copy of your receipt.

We DO ship internationally!!  (no ammunition/firearms)  You can put your payment through on the website or you can contact me    (see the contact us page:-) I very rarely have a problem with parts getting all over the world (if you are in Africa please use international prioroty... for some reason that is the only one that works)

NEED TO ADD PARTS TO AN ORDER PLACED SAME DAY (or if your order has not shipped out yet):  if you have placed an order and you have forgotten to add parts on that you need, contact us and we will add those parts onto your order for you. If you place a second order and they can be shipped together contact us and let us know and we will refund your 2nd shipping charge. If the order are placed close together sometimes we can catch it and will ship the orders together and refund shipping for you.  

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