A Disassembly Manual for Winchester Models 72 and 72A rifles

The Model 72 bolt action .22 caliber rifle model was the first small caliber rifle that Winchester produced that was a medium-priced tubular fed firearm. Like its predecessors, the Winchester single-shot bolt rifles, the 72 did not have serial numbers. The gun was actually designed by Winchester engineers to meet the demand for a combined hunting and target rifle. The Model 72 was chambered for either .22 short, or for .22 short, long, and long rifle interchangeably, and was the first bolt action Winchester .22 rifle with a tubular magazine. Introduced in 1938, ~161,000 Model 72 & 72A rifles were produced until it was dropped from production in 1959. The next bolt .22 caliber rifle that Winchester made after the Model 72 was the Model 72A, which was introduced in 1939. This was an attempt by Winchester to upgrade the 72 cocking mechanism and provided a gun with a swept-back bolt handle. Some 72A rifles had a grooved receiver (that adds over 20% Collector value) as can be seen in the cover picture. There was also a Gallery Model version produced between 1939 and 1942. The Gallery Model is quite rare and can add 100% value to the normal 72 price.

This manual provides instructions on how to disassemble (take apart and repair) your Winchester Model 72 or 72A bolt action .22 caliber rifle. All of these bolt-action rifles in the Winchester Model 72 group are dissembled in a similar manner, with only minor differences between the early and later 72A model. This manual will first outline tools needed for the disassembly process, provide a brief history of Winchester rifles and specifically the 72 group, and then pictures and diagrams of the entire dismantling process. Also included in this book is a detailed table of the parts and where a part is interchangeable among the various rifle models. Each major section is treated as a ?STEP?, thus enabling you to move among the sections for various regions of the rifle. For example, if you only need to look at the bolt, proceed to STEP #5. There are six steps in the disassembly of these .22 bolt rifles. The 6th and final STEP will provide some tips on reassembling your Model 72 bolt .22 caliber Winchester rifle. You will find that, by carefully following the instructions of this manual, dismantling or repairing a Winchester bolt .22 caliber rifle is a fairly easy and straight forward process (as compared to other guns). The whole process requires a minimum of tools that most people probably have in their home or shop.

When you order the printed copy, you will also receive the digital online version immediately so that you can begin at once to disassemble your firearm. Don't loose value in your firearm by using the incorrect tools or removing parts in the incorrect order.

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