.Screw Set Winchester 1873 THIRD model RIFLE

This is a discounted screw set Winchester 1873
3rd/ THIRD model lever action RIFLE. (If your gun has a barrel band rather than a forearm cap that hold the forearm on then you need the Carbine set) ALSO If you do not know what model you have read at the top of the 1873 section to identify. This set includes 2 ForForearm cap screws (wp56); 2 Finger lever spring/ Carrier lever spring screws (wp60-a); 1 Loading gate (spring cover) screw (wp71f); 1 Magazine plug screw (wp64 OR qp64-b); 1 Mainspring screw (621-a; 1 Mainspring tension Screw (608-b); 2 Side tang screws (wp613); 1 lower tang wood Screw (626-a);1 tang screw (wp67); 1 Side plate screw (605-a); 2 upper tang plug screws (wp53) and a Finger Lever screw (wp603-a). This set is for the 3rd model. All of the screws are separate and have labels. MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE THE LONG PLUG SCREW OR THE SHORT PLUG SCREW ON THE OPTION FILE BELOW (if the magazine plug screw sits in a little divot on the underside of your barrel then you want the long screw). You also have an option to add the internal trigger spring screw (wp50), the 2 butt plate screws (wp57), the dust cover stop screw (wp617-a) and the dust cover spring screw (wp607-a) at a discounted price from the drop-down list below.


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