Buttplate Winchester Model 61, 1910, 67, 67A, 69, 72, 1904, later 1894 checkered flat Metal ORIGINAL

This is an ORIGINAL checkered metal buttplate that fits a number of Winchester rifles, including models 61, 1910, 67, 67A, 69, 72 and 1904 and the later 1894 pre 64 carbines. This is also the buttplate Winchester model 62 - 62A (if your top screw hole is 9/16 from the top of your stock). Your buttplate comes with fitting instructions, as some minor fitting MAY be required, but not always. Dimensions are as follows; Overall Length is 4 14/16 inches; Width at widest point is just under 1 1/2 inches. From top of plate to middle of top screw hole is 9/16 and from bottom of plate to middle of bottom screw hole is 1 inch. The center to center measurement of the screw holes (from center of holes) is 2 7/8 inches. This buttplate as well as the 802 buttplate can be used to replace the flat checkered metal butt plate on the 1894 carbine/rifles--compare measurements. (NOTE: model 61 compare screw hole locations to the 881 butt plate on your rifle, the model 61 more commonly used the 881 butt plate measurements). Original buttplate screws post-64 model 94 rifle with the Phillips head are part number wp284 wop. All other models use screw wp57. You can clicking on the dropdown list below to add wp57's at a discounted price!


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  • Origin: Winchester Original Part

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