Magazine Plug - NO LIP Winchester 1866 1873 1892 1894 - 30/30, .44 and .38 cal LATER uses long screw ORIGINAL

This is an ORIGINAL 1894 magazine plug, that does not have a lip and takes the long magazine plug screw. It has NO LIP and will fit Winchester model 1866 after serial number 155,000; 1873 after serial number 55,000, 1894, 1892 in 30/30, .44 and .38 cal. This plug fits into the muzzle-end of the magazine tube and is held in place by the longer magazine plug screw (part wp64) that goes through the entire plug and sits in a divot on the underside of the barrel. If you would like a new plug see part number wp715. Remember when you remove the screw to take the plug out there is a lot of tension on the plug from the magazine spring, and it will shoot out of the tube Forearm. BE SAFE!!


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  • Origin: Winchester Original Part

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