Plug screw 6-48 receiver and scope holes Winchester model 54, 70 , 1894 pre 64, model 94 post 64 (single screw)

These BLUED plug screws fill the holes that were drilled scope on a model 70 Winchester receiver. They are also the screws Winchester PRE and POST 64 to plug the holes on the left side of the receiver where a scope mount/ or side mounted receiver sight would go. Starting around 1,790,000 the model 1894 came taped from the factory with these holes. In conjunction with these screws on the 94's the side mounted sight usually used the finger lever pin stop screw hole as well (farthest hole forward and top on the left side of the receiver) If you have a POST 64 94 then you will also need to get part number C100A to replace the sight screw. If you have a pre 64 1894 then you will need part number 71D Finger lever pin stop screw. note: These do not have a head on them. They sit flush with the receiver and a little lock tight works great to hold them in place. Below is a picture to compare the positive stop screws (540A) with this headless screw.


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