.Screw Set Winchester 1886 CARBINE

This discounted set consists of all of the external screws on the Winchester 1886 and lever action CARBINE (if you have a Forearm cap that uses 2 screws to hold the forearm on then you need the RIFLE set). Many times people use the wrong screwdriver to remove screws and the heads get mangled. This set will allow you to replace those external damaged screws.  Each screw is individually labeled and the set comes with a schematic of the gun. The set includes 1 tang screw (wp65); 1 Loading gate (spring cover) screw (wp105); 1 front barrel band screw (wp548); 1 rear barrel band screw (wp547); lower tang wood screw (wp626-a); mainspring tension screw (wp68); hammer screw (wp107); cartridge guide screw (wp108); upper tang plug screw (wp53); and a magazine plug screw (wp64 OR wp64-b OR wp713-b).MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE THE LONG, EXTRA LONG OR THE SHORT PLUG SCREW ON THE OPTION FILE BELOW. If your magazine plug has a hole drilled all the way through then choose the long screw. If not then choose the short screw. You can also choose to add the buttplate screws (wp57) on and/or all of the internal screws at a discounted price to complete the set. Internal screws are; trigger spring screw (wp50) and the carrier spring screw (wp106).


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