CATCH .22 storage dispenser .22 S, L, LR AND WRF, Magnum .22


This is the NEW and IMPROVED Catch .22 made by Marble arms. The Catch 22 storage and dispensing container offers shooters a better, safer option than their pockets or flimsy boxes for carrying 22 caliber ammunition. It prevents dust and dirt from sticking to the oil that is on the ammo which in turn keeps your rifle cleaner! It's unique design allows you to carry and load tubular magazines faster and easier! It fits Short, Long, Long Rifle AND WRF .22 ammunition. It fits 50 rounds of the .22 LR.,40 rounds of the WRF, 30 rounds of the WMR and 30 rounds of .17 HMR . The depth of the holes in the storage container is 5 inches. You can use that measurement to see how many rounds or your .22 ammo it will hold. The Catch .22 organizes bullets in ten staggered holes containing five bullets each. (4 each of the wrf/magnum) Detents on the sliding lid allow you to access only the bullets you need while remaining bullets are kept clean and secure. It has a belt clip for easy carrying as well!

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