Finger lever pin stop screw Winchester 1894 (pre 64) also model 64 and 55

This screw fits the Winchester model 1894, 65, 55, 53, 65. The 1894 the finger lever pin stop screw hole is 1 9/16 inches behind the front of the receiver, above the Loading gate (spring cover) and the cartridge guide screw hole. It is the farthest screw up and forward on the left side of receiver on the 1894. This screw plugs the hole so your pin (p146) that connects the Forearm of your finger lever to the breech bolt does not fall out and stays in correct position. FYI: the smaller hole on the opposite side of the receiver is used to put the punch through to push the pin out. Nothing goes in that hole to plug it. It stays open. THIS WILL NOT FIT POST 64 Winchester 94S. The correct screw POST is C100A. If you are replacing the screws that attached a receiver mounted scope then you want the wp46 or the wp540a plug screws as well.

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