Forearm cap screw XTRA LONG 1866, 1873, 1876, 1886, 1892, 1894. model 64 and model 55, 53

This is the XTRA LONG screw that attaches the forForearm cap to the forForearm cap tenon. NOTE: There are few instances where longer forForearm cap screws are needed especially in the 1892 and the 1886 rifles. The overall length of this screw is 0.330 inches. The vast majority of the time all of the lever actions used screw wp56 which is 0.265 inches in length. There are two un-threaded holes on either side of the cap se screws to go through. They thread into the tenon that attaches to the underside of the barrel. They are also called forearm tip tenon screws. These screws fit the model 1894, 1982, 1866, 1873,1876,1886 and model 64 and model 55 and 53 Winchester lever action rifles.


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