.Screw Set Winchester 1895 CARBINE

This is a discounted external screw set Winchester 1895 lever action CARBINE. (If your gun has a screw on the underside of your FORForearm rather than a barrel band that holds the forearm on then you need the Rifle set; This set includes 1 forearm band screw (wp634); 2 magazine tip screw (wp755-b); 1 hammer screw (wp769); 1 Mainspring screw (wp621-b); 1 finger lever pin stop screw (wp757-b); 1 Mainspring tension Screw (wp505); 1 tang screw (wp67); 1 Carrier screw (wp759); 1 sear spring screw (wp619-b); and 1 upper tang plug screw (wp53). All of the screws are labeled separately. Also included with the set is a SCHEMATIC OF THE 1895 for your reference. You also have an option to add the 2 buttplate screws (wp57) from the dropdown menu below.


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